i cant believe i used to be a semi popular kpop fandom blogger that is UNREAL

MY CAMERA IS COMING TODAY well it came yesterday but i didnt know you had to answer the door for the ups guy and sign something so i hid when i heard the doorbell then when i opened the door all i saw was a note saying theyd try again tomorrow and i cried a little
Anonymous: hi emily, i'm a sophomore in hs this year and i want your advice on when to start taking what tests and looking for things? i know you don't go on tumblr much anymore, but i want to ask you before you leave here for good someday (plz don't)

im sorry you probably sent this weeks ago. i just havent had the motivation to blog anymore…

taking tests? like SAT/ACT? I’d start asap. I used my sophomore score from the ACT when I applied!

Anonymous: you kind of look like the white version of honey lee especially ur smile

who dat


sehwun replied to your post: guys help which sneakers should i get&…

dark grey for $75 !! i personally really like the suede look for NB shoes

same thats why im leaning towards the 574s /565s instead of the 501s or the more sporty ones…and gah i cant decide between dark or light grey!!

(btw happy bday)

swagdeul replied to your post: guys help which sneakers should i get&…

2nd one, trust me im a shoe salesman

tbh the only reason i havent bought those ones is cuz the color just looks…not grey…


guys help which sneakers should i get 

^grey 501s for $60

^classic grey 574s for $70 (such a weird color tho)

^dark grey 574s for $75

^grey 565s for $70

ive never spent this much money on a single item ahahaha