fishflake replied to your post: wtf julia did u just change ur icon i …

no it wasn’t i was waiting for you to realize that i have changed my icon

ur messin with me i swear to god it was that pink pokemon cat thing literally 8 seconds ago


wtf julia did u just change ur icon i swear it was that pokemon a second ago

shoutout to julia for not changing her icon/url so i actually kno who someone is on my dash

does anyone have experience with fjallravens kanken classic? I really like the look of it but it’s so tiny that i dont think I’ll be able to use it for school…

i think im gonna get everlanes snap backpack but im thinking about getting the kanken just to have

that feel when browsing thru totokaelos new arrivals and u are 18 with a shady job and a no disposable income

tfw sale items cost 400 dollars

ouranghostclub replied to your post: dorm room shopping is so dumb like loo…

rt if ur a little stressed bc the only dorm colors available anywhere is neon burn-ur-eyes colors I just want gray and soft pink why is this a struggle

just a lil stress ughhh